Professional Podcast Audio Editing

Libsyn Management Services

Creation of Intros and Outros

Voice Over and Royalty Free Music

ITunes, Stitcher & google play Assistance

Audio Editing Services

Audio Dynamics Processing

Noise Reduction / Noise Removal

Breath Removal

Quality Control / Quality Assurance


Our goal here at KNVP Studios is to make the podcasting experience the best possible for our clients.  Whether you are an experienced podcaster looking for a helping hand, or a newcomer to the podcasting world, we take all the guesswork out of the way and provide all of the behind-the-scenes technical services so that you can focus on making the podcast of your dreams.

Let us be your podcast production partner.  We offer affordable services to assist you with your podcast such as podcast editing, creating intros, outros, and ads, podcast ID3 tagging and uploading and scheduling of your episodes via Libsyn.  We have production packages available for starting your own brand new podcast from scratch.  Our plans and ordering and billing options are flexible and offered by the episode or in a bundle with other services.

We also offer an industry-exclusive "Complete Libsyn Starter Package" that includes everything you need to get an ITunes, Stitcher, and Google Play listed podcast off the ground!  It comes with editing services for your first 2 episodes and creation of your podcast intro and outro, creation of simple podcast artwork, administrative services that include setting up and maintaining your Libsyn account, ID3 tagging and uploading of your shows and finally assistance with getting your podcast listed on ITunes, Stitcher & Google Play so the world can hear it!  The best part is, we include all the technical support in easy to understand plain English.  We even help you with hardware, software, and audio recording techniques and recommendations - it's all included!