The Complete Libsyn Starter Package

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The Complete Libsyn Starter Package


Everything You Need to Start Your Podcast*

Get your podcast on ITunes, Stitcher, and Google Play!

Package Includes: 

  • 2 professionally edited podcast episodes at your choice of Silver, Iridium or Gold service tier

  • Custom created Intro and Outro for your podcast (if requested)

    • Includes royalty-free music

    • Includes voice over**

  • Simple podcast artwork via (if requested)

  • Proper setup of your Libsyn account

  • ID3 tagging and uploading of your 2 episodes

  • Pain-free, simple and guided step by step assistance with submitting your podcast to ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play and social media

  • 2 (1 hour) Consultations for expert audio help and advice for choosing microphones, hardware and software and setup, or any other podcast-related help

Once your podcast is created, setup, and running, we can move to a monthly maintenance package where we will continue to professionally edit your podcast and take care of the uploading and scheduling of each episode.

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* Terms and Conditions:

Step by step instructions on how to proceed will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase.


For audio-based podcasts only (no video). If you choose either the Iridium or Gold tiers, your podcast will be professionally edited and reviewed from beginning to end to remove 'umms', 'ahhs', dislinquals, and mistakes. For all tiers, we will mix in your intro, outro, and music per your instructions as well as reduce background noise and level all voice volumes.

We will provide up to 2 (1 hour) consultation services for audio equipment and software purchases and make recommendations to client as well as provide technical support for setting up the hardware and software as necessary.


Client is required to obtain and is responsible for account creation & paid monthly subscription, payable to Libsyn.  Client must agree to securely provide access to their Libsyn account, and must also grant permission to KNVP Studios to access client's Libsyn account on client's behalf. We recommend the Libsyn Classic 250 - $15.00/month plan.  This includes 250mb of rolling storage per month and basic podcast download statistics.  For the Show Slug, please enter the name of your podcast all run-together as one-word.


ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play accounts are required (free to obtain) and final submission to these services must be performed by the client, via simple and straightforward guidance from us.

Social Media accounts are not required, however Libsyn interfaces with the most popular social media services. If you wish to use your social media accounts in tandem with your podcast, you will need to link them yourself, for which we will provide simple and straightforward guidance.


Royalty-free music is included if requested.  Voice over is included if requested.  Only 1 voice is available at no charge (male, middle-aged, native English, no accent).  Additional voices can be curated through one of our partners  at additional cost. Podcast Artwork is highly suggested: for clients without the means or the skills to create artwork, simple and basic artwork is provided (via, however if you are a graphic artist or require more advanced and intricate artwork it will need to be created elsewhere and then provided to us, but we will provide all specifications that satisfy ITunes requirements.


Does not include SEO, marketing, show notes, or integration into any other system other than Libsyn.  Removal of breath sounds are not included, but is available for an additional charge.