We have many happy customers that we have served over the years. Here is a short list of our current podcasting clients with a link to their shows for your listening enjoyment, as well as a few written reviews from both current and past clients of KNVP Studios:

The TalentGrow Show - Halelly Azulay

Relentless Health Value Podcast - Aventria Health Group

The Law Firm Leadership Podcast - The Lion Group

So, Here’s My Story - Eliot Wagonheim and Jodi Hume

For over 200 episodes, KNVP Studios has delivered every episode of our podcast on-deadline, on-budget and with very high production quality. Tom has worked miracles to smooth over some pretty extreme recording errors on our part. Over the years, we have received more than a few compliments from listeners about the caliber of our audio and I credit KNVP studios for helping our show reach the level of success that it has.
— Stacey Richter, Host, Relentless Health Value Podcast
“Tom is wonderful to work with. He is responsive, friendly, helpful, patient, responsible, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I’m hiring him again for sure, and have already recommended him to my friend who is starting a podcast. Great work, Tom, thanks!!”
— Halelly Azulay, The TalentGrow Show Podcast
“Tom is a brilliant editor. He’s made the process really easy, and has been flexible and accommodating, explaining everything in plain English (which was important for me, not having a technical background). I’d definitely recommend using Tom if you want a great edit, simple process, and easy way of working.”
— Anna Harper, The Property Investor Podcast
“I continue to have nothing but excellent things to say about Tom. His work has been extremely professional, on time, and on budget. He’s also been able to help out in a pinch if there are any issues and is always very responsive. “
— Brooke Thomas, Liberated Body and Bliss + Grit Podcasts
“Thomas is great to work with! He is quick, creative, and thorough. His technical skills are beyond reproach, and he is completely open to and capable of brainstorming and helping to improve workflows, quality, and timeliness. I recommend him highly!”
— Kevin Foust, People of the IoTS Podcast
“Tom does a great job making my show sound professional and taking the raw interview and turning it into a polished gem.”
— Andrew Gitschlag, Surviving Healthcare Podcast
“Tom is a great audio engineer who has made my podcast sound fantastic. Almost as important, Tom has provided me with guidance and advice during the initial planning stages and now on a weekly basis to help my podcast be successful. He is very clear regarding the steps I needed to take to make the process go as smooth as possible. I look forward to working with Tom on a weekly basis on my podcast.”
— Scott Limmer, Reboot Your Law Practice Podcast
Tom delivers quickly and with amazing results. As a communicator, he’s nothing short of responsive and professional, and he has just the right touch of humor to help keep things fun and engaging. As an engineer and editor, he knows how to strike the right audio tone and timing to make my show work, just as I hoped.”
— Daniel, Unwonk Podcast
Tom Hanson Made It Easy. I wanted to start podcasting and I didn’t want to become a technical expert in audio or setting up a podcast. I just wanted to start sharing my knowledge and growing my subscribers. Tom made it very easy for me to get my podcast up and running. He patiently answered my questions and coached me through my first recordings. I have found Tom to be very affordable and fast.
— Mark Mitchell, Building Materials Sales & Marketing Podcast
“Tom has delivered an outstanding production of my podcast. He has gone above and beyond the requirements to assist a novice with tips and tricks to ensure a great result. The end result is a podcast that I am hugely satisfied with. ”
— Mark Wenzel, EON Financial Group SMSF Podcast