Q. Do you really take care of everything for my podcast?  I am just getting started and podcasting sounds complicated.

A. Yes!  We have you covered!  We offer the tools, advice, and the services to get your podcast going from the ground up.  We even offer packages that include everything you will need to get a fully running podcast on ITunes, Stitcher and Google Play!  We will help you with setting up your recording hardware and software.  We can create your show's intro and outro including voice over, royalty-free music, and sound effects, and even simple cover art for your podcast!

We provide all the professional audio editing services including removing 'umms' and 'ahhs' and mistakes, removing or reducing background noise and leveling everyone's voice so that they are all speaking at the same volume and then deliver you a final .mp3 file ready for publishing.  Then, we can also setup your Libsyn account for you so that your podcast can get published every week (and we can also take care of all Libsyn duties for you on an on-going basis).  We can even help you with simple and basic podcast cover artwork, but if you require more advanced artwork, we can assist you with the technical details you will need to provide to your graphic artist to make the process as smooth as possible.  Then once all of those are taken care of, the last piece is to help you get your podcast listed on ITunes, Stitcher and Google Play.  This entire process usually takes about 2 weeks.

I would highly recommend checking out our Complete Libsyn Starter Package which will take care of all the above for a very reasonable price! Click the picture on the right to view more details!

Q. I hear you talking about Libsyn.  What is Libsyn?

A.  As a bit of background, Libsyn (Liberated Syndication) is a fee-based (no contract required) service that provides you with a home on the internet to host your podcast audio files.  In addition, Libsyn also generates for you (almost automagically!) your all-important RSS feed, which acts as your podcast's heartbeat.  It is this RSS feed that we submit to ITunes, Stitcher and Google Play so that they can include your podcast in their directories.  Libsyn will "feed" your audio files and RSS data to various places around the internet.  

KNVP Studios is not affiliated with Libsyn, but we highly recommend their service, and we have chosen Libsyn as our "de facto" podcast hosting platform, and therefore only work with Libsyn accounts.  They are the original, very dependable, experienced, and highly affordable podcast hosting solution. You will need to sign up with their service on their website and maintain an account with them separately.  However, once you've signed up with them, and with your permission, KNVP Studios will act as your Libsyn account administrator for you on your behalf - we will tag your .mp3 files and upload and schedule your podcast based on your needs.

Q. Why do you work exclusively with Libsyn?

A. Libsyn (Liberated Syndication) is the original and de-facto podcast hosting service.  They are extremely reliable, highly skilled, and very affordable.  They also provide the podcaster with a lot of useful tools such as social media plugins and generate stable and ITunes compliant RSS feeds, in a user-friendly interface.  We want our customers to have an outstanding experience and we feel that Libsyn meets this requirement.

Q. How do we exchange audio files back and forth?

A. KNVP Studios uses the cloud storage services DropBox and Google Drive. Other services might be available, so if you prefer another method please inquire.  Essentially we setup a shared folder between us and using a logically-laid out folder system we can exchange files quickly and easily.

Q. Do you offer voice over services for recording my intro, outro or advertisements?

A. Yes! Only on our Complete Libsyn Starter Package I offer a male voice, US-English, no accent, middle aged. Please check out our affiliate service, Music Radio Creative for a large selection of voice talent you can sample and order for your own podcast!

Q. How long does it take to edit one of my episodes? 

A. We take pride in our work.  Several factors play a key role in determining the turn-around time. Our pricing is based on the length of raw audio (in minutes) you provide to us for editing.  While editing, we listen from the beginning of the file, all the way through to the end to make sure we catch all mistakes to ensure an error-free finished product.  So the length of your file, and our current workload play a huge role in turn-around.  Generally speaking, we need 72 hours to turn around a single episode.  To streamline and speed up this process we recommend conforming to a set schedule every week where on the same day each week we receive the file.  If we can do this, we can guarantee same-day delivery every week (in other words, we will set aside time on that day each week to work on your file).

Q. Do I get to review the file after you edit it and before you publish it?

A. Yes!  As part of our excellent customer service, we offer a draft/revision cycle after you receive the first edited draft.  If you would like changes made we will happily make them and submit a second draft.  Any changes beyond the second draft will incur additional fees.

Q. I don't understand audio recording, but I want to make sure my podcast sounds great!

A. We have you covered.  I have over 25 years experience working in the professional post-production world of the television, radio, and film business, along with a Bachelor's degree Television Production and Audio Engineering.  In addition, I love to teach.  So, when partnering with us you will gain an audio expert and coach who will help you through setting up your recordings, and I will also make hardware and software recommendations for you.  We got ya'.

Q. Does KNVP Studios provide ITunes artwork creative services?

A.  Yes.  Only on our Complete Libsyn Starter Package. For our clients without the means or the skills, we offer simple and basic custom artwork that includes a simple background, one or two pieces of clip art and some text.  However, if you are yourself a graphic artist or require more advanced and intricate artwork, this will need to be created elsewhere and provided to KNVP Studios.  We are happy to provide the exact specifications that Apple requires so that you may forward them to your graphic artist.