“Thomas is great to work with! He is quick, creative, and thorough. His technical skills are beyond reproach, and he is completely open to and capable of brainstorming and helping to improve workflows, quality, and timeliness. I recommend him highly!”
— Kevin Foust, People of the IoTS Podcast

If you need editing help, your current audio editor is going on vacation, or just have too many episodes piling up, let us give you a hand. We offer 24 to 72 hour turn-arounds on podcast editing services with rates starting at $40.00 per episode.  

  • Need a new podcast Intro or Outro?

  • Want to change your music?

Whatever your podcast may need, we are here to help.  Just use the Contact Us form and we'll get in touch with you on how we can help, or review our affordable pricing and plans. We look forward to helping!

services we offer:

1. Professional podcast audio editing, including 'umm' and 'ahh', breaths and mistake removal with fast and convenient turnaround

2. Advanced techniques for noise reduction & sound removal, including Izotope RX-7, Waves and Acon Audio plug ins!

3. Level everyone's voice so that all parties are speaking at the same volume

4. .mp3 file ID3 tagging duties

5. Libsyn upload & scheduling services

6. Voice over recording

7. Intro and Outro creation and editing

8. Advertisement editing and production

9. Access to a huge royalty-free music and sound effects library

10. 24 Hour Rush Service available for single episodes!