Microphone Techniques

I wanted to cover 3 quick basic microphone techniques that can help you improve your recordings for your podcast.

Always use a stand

There are many options available, such as a desk stand (think Johnny Carson), a floor-standing microphone stand (think stand-up comedy), or the retractable type stand that works like a desk lamp.  The idea is to never hold a microphone with your hands whenever practical.  Even the slightest touch causes a rumble or unwanted noise - and this goes for both the microphone itself, it's cable, and anything attached to it.

Keep a constant and consistent distance from the microphone

To keep a uniform sound, try to keep no more and no less than 6 inches away from the pickup portion of the microphone at all times.  Maintain that distance the best you can during the entire show - so make your sitting position comfortable so you don't need to keep constantly grabbing your microphone and adjusting it.  Remember, hands on the mic = bad.

Always use a pop-filter

In the audio business, we call the letter "P" and "B" - 'plosives'.  These plosives cause a large burst of air into the microphone as they are spoken.  Try saying "Peter Piper Picked A Peck of Pickled Peppers" while holding your hand 2 inches away from your mouth.  Feel your breath? That burst of air translates into low-frequency rumble noise, and when it records it sounds like someone hitting the microphone.   To help alleviate this, utilize a pop-screen type filter - usually a circular shape mesh that you place between you and the microphone.  It helps dissipate that harsh breath sound by making the air move in multiple directions instead of directly into the microphone.

These are just 3 quick techniques and there will be plenty more in further blog posts.  If you ever have any audio-related or podcast-related questions, please email me at any time, or come by our webpage at http://www.knvpstudios.com