Podcasting Basics: Cover Art

Hello, and thank you for stopping by the KNVP Studios Blog.  KNVP Studios is a full-service podcast company with the goal of helping it's customers start and maintain an active podcast. We offer professional audio editing as well as all support all ancillary services to get your podcast ready for publishing - including the creation of intros and outros, helping clients setup their Libsyn accounts, getting their podcasts listed on ITunes, Stitcher, and Google Play.  We also offer assistance with your podcast cover art.

Cover art, is the piece of artwork that your listeners will see when they visit your ITunes, Stitcher, or Google Play listings, as well as when they download your podcast to their portable device or computer, such as on ITunes.  For example, here is the artwork for one of my clients to the right (click on it to be taken to the Unwonk ITunes page and listen!)

Cover art is not only important as it identifies your show among the hundreds of thousands of others, and gives you an identity, but it is also an essential and required asset to have so that your podcast can be properly accepted to the podcast directories.  

Since it is a requirement, there are some specifications stipulated which need to be followed before submitting your show to the directories.  Since ITunes was the first service to offer a directory, they have become the 'de-facto' standard for most things podcasting, and this includes cover art.

Here are the specifications necessary for proper ITunes-approved artwork (note these are the technical specs, not the aesthetic/content specs):

Minimum of 1400x1400 pixels
Maximum of 3000x3000 pixels
rGB colorspace
.jpg, .jpeg, .png format
under 500kb in filesize
Solid Background

KNVP Studios can check your cover art specifications and make sure they are correct.  Just drop us an email and we'd be happy to have a look for you.  If our podcast clients are not comfortable with creating their own cover art or lack the tools necessary to create their own cover art, KNVP Studios offers simple clip-art type cover art design service as part of our Complete Libsyn Starter Package via the website www.canva.com. If you require intricate and more advanced artwork, KNVP Studios recommends hiring a graphic artist or check with your friends to see if they can help you (as we are an audio studio and not graphic artists ourselves).

So make sure your podcast has properly formatted cover art.  Omitting cover art will definitely keep you out of the "New & Noteworthy" category on ITunes, as well as make your podcast look unprofessional.  Contact us today, and we would be happy to steer you in the right direction!