The "Kitchen Sink" 4 Episode Plan

Monthly Plan.png
Monthly Plan.png

The "Kitchen Sink" 4 Episode Plan


Our most popular monthly podcast package!  Ideal for long-format podcasts (usually over 45 minutes).


  • 4 professionally edited podcast episodes, each up to 95 minutes long!
  • Libsyn Service on all 4 episodes (Libsyn account required see below)

Our professional audio editing services include:

  • Listening from the start to the end of each episode
  • Removal of most 'umms', 'ahhs' and filler words and phrases such as "you know", "like"
  • Removal of mistakes, word repeats, stutters
  • Removal of lip smacking, mouth noises, coughs, sneezes, etc.  (Breath removal is not included but available at additional charge).
  • Reduction or removal of background noise
  • Ensuring that everyone is speaking at similar volumes throughout the podcast so your listeners don't have to constantly turn up the volume 
  • Mixing in your provided Intro / Outro and music (these items must be provided to us)
  • Applying compression / limiting as necessary

Our Libsyn Service includes:

  • ID3 tagging of your final .mp3 file (Episode Title, Number, Description, Author, and cover art)
  • Uploading of episode to your Libsyn account
  • Scheduling of the episode to publish at your designated date and time

Episodes do not expire and can be spread out to accommodate any publishing schedule you need.  When all 4 are used, you can simply purchase a new set!  Episodes can contain up to 95 minutes of audio.


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Client is required to obtain and is responsible for account creation & paid monthly subscription, payable to Libsyn.  Client must agree to securely provide access to their Libsyn account, and must also grant permission to KNVP Studios to access client's Libsyn account on client's behalf. We recommend the Libsyn Classic 250 - $15.00/month plan.  This includes 250mb of rolling storage per month and basic podcast download statistics.  For the Show Slug, please enter the name of your podcast all run-together as one-word.