1 Hour Podcast Consultation


1 Hour Podcast Consultation


$65.00 per session

Each session can be up to 60 minutes each, and are to be scheduled in advance. Sessions can be made via telephone, Skype or a method you prefer.  

All sessions are with Tom Hanson, the Owner and Editor of KNVP Studios. Tom has over 25 years of experience in the television and film business, as an editor, and holds a B.A. degree in Communications and a minor in Audio Recording and Music Synthesis.  KNVP Studios has been serving the podcasting community since 2014 and currently maintains, edits and publishes 18 podcast shows for clients around the world.

Examples of topics we can cover during a consultation:

  1. An "A to Z" approach for successfully launching a podcast on Itunes, Stitcher, and Google Play

  2. Microphone selection and recording techniques

  3. Selection of and use of audio mixers, mix-minus and more

  4. Basic and Advanced audio recording

  5. Basic and Advanced audio editing using Adobe Audition CC

  6. Various audio recording tools such as Pamela and Skype Recorder

  7. Conceptualizing, writing, recording and editing of Intros, Outros, and advertisements for your podcast

  8. Libsyn account setup

  9. Proper submission of podcast to ITunes, Stitcher, and Google Play directories and the systems involved in approving your show

  10. ID3 tagging of your podcast

  11. Uploading your shows to Libsyn for publishing

  12. Podcast artwork specifications required for ITunes

  13. Any topic that we can help you with, keeping in mind the scope of our services listed below (See Disclaimer)

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DISCLAIMER: The topics available for consultation are numerous however they are strictly limited in scope with the following in mind:

  1. KNVP Studios only works with Libsyn media hosting services. We do not support any other hosting service at this time.

  2. We do not teach manual RSS feed coding or programming. We are not programmers. Libsyn handles this for you.

  3. We do not teach HTML. We are not programmers.

  4. We do not teach podcast integration into any website. We are not programmers. Libsyn has tools for this.

  5. We do not teach WordPress or any WordPress plug-ins

  6. We do not provide marketing support for your podcast

  7. We do not provide SEO training or services.

  8. We do not provide show note services, but can guide you on techniques

  9. We do not guarantee your podcast will be featured on ITunes New and Noteworthy

  10. We do not guarantee any amount of subscribers / listeners

  11. We do not provide any training on artwork creation. We are not graphic artists.

  12. We only work with Adobe Audition (Creative Cloud) ver 2019 and Izotope RX6 Standard

If you should have any questions on what I will and will not cover, please email me any time at: support@knvpstudios.com