Podcast Publishing Package

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Podcast Publishing Package


Do you have your first few episodes edited and ready to go?  Are you wondering how to get them published to the world? Considering Libsyn (recommended) as your media host? Need help getting your podcast submitted properly to ITunes, Stitcher and Google Play?

Let KNVP Studios properly setup your Libsyn account on your behalf and remove the guesswork, and let us help you get your podcast submitted to ITunes, Stitcher and Google Play! 

Requires: (All instructions are included with package purchase)

We will properly setup your Libsyn account, and populate all the important fields to ensure everything is ready. Then we will properly ID3 tag your first 2 episodes (if available) and upload them to Libsyn for publishing. Then we will provide you with step-by-step, easy to understand instructions to do the final submission to ITunes, Stitcher and Google Play for their approval.

We will guide you along the way and will be there to help if problems should arise.

Have questions on the process of publishing?  Consider a consultation with us! Need help editing your episodes? Consider our Kitchen Sink Plan where you can add audio editing and publishing services to your package!  Includes professional editing, ID3 tagging, and uploading to Libsyn!

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* Terms and Conditions:

Step by step instructions on how to proceed will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase.


Client is required to obtain and is responsible for libsyn.com account creation & paid monthly subscription, payable to Libsyn.  Client must agree to securely provide access to their Libsyn account, and must also grant permission to KNVP Studios to access client's Libsyn account on client's behalf. We recommend the Libsyn Classic 250 - $15.00/month plan.  This includes 250mb of rolling storage per month and basic podcast download statistics. For the Show Slug, please enter the name of your podcast all run-together as one-word.


ITunes, Stitcher, and Google Play accounts are required (free to obtain) and final submission to these services must be performed by the client, via simple and straightforward guidance from us.


Does not include SEO, marketing, show notes, or integration into any other system other than Libsyn. This service does not include any audio editing services on it's own, however you can purchase an Add-On pack to include either 2, 4, or 6 episodes if you need help with the editing.